Who We Are

We are a dynamic, proactive and experienced team, specialising in satisfying your individual needs.

Our team is spearheaded by women who know the market and are honest in our approach. At Premier Home Help, we all know and appreciate the never-ending demands of running a household, and all that entails. Whilst some of our team have a background in domestic staffing, others have employed a variety of home help in their own homes.

These personal connections drive our motivation for the company, and allows us to understand what clients expect from our applicants, and how to fix any issues that may arise whilst working in the domestic industry.

What We Do

In the busy metropolis of London and the wider UK, it is often hard to find reliable and excellent home-help services. Our time-starved clients have found that we can provide a professional service within a calm environment, understanding their needs and catering to them.

We provide a variety of home-help services which include but are not limited to Housekeepers, Nannies, Companions, Cleaners, Butlers, House Managers, Chauffeurs, PAs, Chefs and Couples. The variety of personalities and strengths of help we have recruited on our team allows us to cater to your specific needs, wants and requirements – whether you need help from a highly educated Nanny who can drive, or a Housekeeper-PA who is also a fantastic cook.

You can also apply for a job to work for us as a home-help candidate.

How to Begin the Recruitment Process

Email us your CV, and one of our friendly team members will arrange a call to discuss your needs and our setup process.

If you are looking for a job as a Nanny, Nanny-PA or PA, please email your CV to:


If you are interested in a Housekeeping, Nanny-Housekeeper, Companion, Butler, House Manager, Couple, Chauffeur or Chef role, please email:



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All the testimonials on Premier Home Help are written by clients from our community. So any testimonial you see is based on a stay that a guest had in a host’s listing.